Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Review by Aaron Ng

Unlike women, men does not have like a million and one products to choose from. We have limited, and when a gem is found, Imma share it with ya'll.
Paula's Choice (you can buy it from HERE) created this amazing range of specifically for men.
Introducing PC 4 Men.
Okok. Imma show you some of the products I got.
Because my hair's a bitch, i tied it up for this blog.. 
PC4MEN  Face Wash. 
Unlike some facial washes which are very soapy, and drying. This one is gentler, fragrance free, and my skin felt squeaky clean. It also help soothe sensitive skin and redness.
PC4MEN Shave
Now this is a winner. It's a shaving cream, but unlike many other men's shaving cream I've used, this one is free of fragrance and menthol. So after shaving you won't get that 'spicy' feeling which irritates a freshly shaven face. But i never shave my janggut away laaa...~ =p
So it gets the job done, without causing too much bumps and burns.
PC4MEN Soothe + Smooth 
I'm not a fan of after shaves because I don't really know what they were for, so when Paula's Choice offered this water-light fluid, that soothes the after shaving surface, and also nourish and smoothens it. The fact that it has some anti-aging component is just an added bonus!

PC4MEN Nighttime repair
This retinol-equipped moisturiser is the perfect night cream. Moisturises, rejuvenates and keep your skin young and ageless. Perhaps the most important step in a beauty regime. The one before you sleep. It can also be used during the day, for continuous moisturizing effect and it also has SPF 30, a great sunblock substitute!

Feeling super refreshed, but not overly dry and crack-y.

Source Aaron Ng's Blog post
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